By Maryanne & Bianca


Maryanne Irhia

Having attended fashion shows in both Sydney and Canberra, Maryanne is no stranger to the fashion scene.

Not only has she attended, but she’s also volunteered and worked in all aspects of those shows in an attempt to get a holistic grasp of what makes a phenomenal event.

When she was younger she would cut up her Mum’s clothes (usually without permission), create jewellery, flip through fashion magazines and cut out her favourite looks; and draw fashion illustrations for hours on end.

Her style can be described as ‘bohemian chic.’ She is not afraid to break the rules, and re-invent new looks with her series of style hacks. These hacks involve ways in which you can wear fabric in unconventional ways - think turning a skirt into a top.

By combining her creative skills and years of event experience, Maryanne hopes to bring a fresh surprise to Canberra.



Bianca Pavlic

Hello! I am Bianca Pavlic the Designer and Creative Director of Bianca Pavlic The Label. My whole life I have lived and grown up in Wamboin, N.S.W.

I have been interested in fashion ever since I was a little girl, I remember I would always be drawing dresses and clothing alongside my mother who would be sewing quilts. When I was old enough I jumped straight on her sewing machine and made countless items. I even tried making a quilt but that didn’t work out to well.

Right now my interest in fashion is about creating unique handmade items which have a story and feels unique to its new owner. The label is currently run by 1 person being myself.

All items are designed, patterned, cut and sewn in the home studio in Wamboin N.S.W

I like to focus on the feminine form, quality clothing and unique and interesting silhouettes which have emotion with all individuals. The Label is growing and I cannot wait for everyone to grow with it.