By Maryanne & Bianca

Designer 1: VENUS BLOOMS

Fall down the rabbit hole with Venus Blooms, designed and made in Australia in extremely small quantities. Founded in 2017, the Canberra born label bridges feminine aesthetics with vintage psychedelia and grunge, in collections inspired by the fashion of our favourite decades. 

VenusBlooms presents AW19: Subversion

Dethroning the fashion industry of today with the opulence and vibrancy of the past, Subversion highlights contemporary social and environmental issues with an ode to the best fashion decade. A society rifled by environmentally degrading and fleeting styles made by workers in extremely poor conditions, Venus Blooms attempts to remember what fashion once was. Subversion is heavily influenced by the beauty of the seventies, with an explosion of indulgent textiles, hand beading, futurism, fringing and western nostalgia: in the vivid moodiness of the season. 

See you all at the Fitter's Workshop for our very first exhibition. Owner, designer and creative director; Charlotte England 

Keep up to date with the journey as it continues to grow:

Instagram: @venusblooms 

Stocked at the local Braddon boutique, Blonde.Concept

designer 2: claudia the label

I’m an 80’s baby born in Canberra, inspired by beauty in the world around us, fashion & music from days gone by. Growing up I watched old movies & musicals, falling in love with the fashion & dreaminess. From making clothes and holding runway events for my barbies to studying the pages of Vogue, and then graduating with the Diploma of Fashion Design from FBI College in Sydney 2014, it has certainly been a journey to launching the label in June 2018.

My vision is to create a story about strong, life loving women; inspiring a lifestyle and breaking the rules. Building confidence to empower women, create charisma & a love for your body. Featuring lots of lace & mesh throughout, the collection has been designed with the various bodies of women in mind, and is comfortable – whether it be wearing as underwear or as outerwear.

For the raw beauties, the bohemians, the home bodies, the jeans & tees, the yoga pants & messy buns.

Christina Phillips || Owner & Designer 

designer 3: Gerhardus Harmannus

I think I’ve always been creative, or at least always been told I was creative. Being drawn to creative things, art, music, architecture, fashion; in retrospect I think what I really appreciate most is the process of creation itself, I respect hard work, and furiously envy those who work hard.

I like lived in clothes, clothes loved, their seams loose and their hems fraying, I think
that's what i’d really envision for my garments, if people can get security or joy from putting on my garments I think my goal as a designer is by and large done. I want to create garments that don’t stand out, but don’t blend in. I like clothes that say something, but aren’t loud, something for a person to own and to grow with them.

My inspiration is the tired artisan, the weathered experience that comes from time, Men sitting quietly drinking alone in their local, I’m also heavily influenced (for this collection at least) by the late 80’s Japanese Jazz scene, there is something romantic about derelict bootleg VHS recordings of jazz greats performing their craft sweating to white hot spotlights, as well as the kitch album covers they produced, they seem ‘out of touch’ and seem like relics of a different era, from a time when jazz was seen as “sexy”; nude women clutching brass instruments probably on beaches, I love how terribly it has aged.


Lorna Munro

Tahlia Langdown

Sarafina Manyang

Nicola Burton

Jess Norbury

Adanna Obinna

Ploy Patcharida

Sinead Carpenter

Carl Anthony

Ruby Wilson

Tanisha Chinanai-Hill

Dylan Gray

Emma Van Der Hoek

Courtney Martin

Mariè Strazdins

Mays Benatti

Sophie Doherty

Emily Leseberg

Lottie England

Kate Delaney